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Image by Morgan Petroski

Her story in music 
Libretto by Alyssa Wills
Music by Kevin Weed


The fascinating story of Joan of Arc comes to life in a four-act opera. From her small village in Domrémy to the battlefields outside of Orleans and finally the burning stake at Rouen, follow the path of this young woman who, despite all odds, followed her calling and changed history, touching the lives of everyone she met along the way. 

After a successful sing-through of Act One in August 2021, we are very excited for the future of this project, starting with a professional recording of Act One in early 2023.  

We are proud to share a demo of the final aria in act one, "Joan's Farewell," recorded by Kevin Weed and Alyssa Wills. 


At the end of act one, Joan has just enthusiastically accepted the mission from her Voices to leave her home and lead an army to free France from English control. Now alone, the church bells cause her to pause, the full realization of what she has just agreed to dawning on her. Suddenly overcome by fear and uncertainty, she struggles to say goodbye to her home. With a final surrender to God's will, she is once again filled with peace and a sense of purpose. She tells those she leaves behind to rejoice that God has chosen her to save their country, and she reminds them, along with herself, to trust in Him.

If you would like to hear more of act one, please consider a donation! Thank you! 

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