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In the Works...

With your support, we can bring the following concerts to life! 


A Holocaust Memorial Concert

Unsung is a Holocaust Memorial concert that will feature the music of composers who were suppressed during the Nazi regime. This concert will take the audience on a journey from the Theresienstadt concentration camp, as we introduce the composers who lived and died in this camp through their music and excerpts of their letters and writings, to Hollywood film studios, where Jewish composers, separated from their homeland, acted as voices for the horrors that were occurring in Europe. By shining a light on the evils that were endured by the Jewish people during the Holocaust, this concert will serve as a reminder to the audience to never forget our past. The hopeful and persevering tone of the music that these composers wrote is also a strong lesson about the resiliency of the human spirit even under oppression. More information to come. 

Songs to Live By

A Night of Sacred Song

Songs to Live By will feature oratorio and sacred concert music by classical composers, along with traditional hymns and spirituals, paired with meditative Scripture passages. The goal of this concert will be to offer the audience a night for reflection and serenity; to refresh their spirit by escaping from the harsh noise of everyday life and taking refuge in beauty. More information to come...

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